Sustainable Design for the 21st Century


It was a very hot day as we made these videos at the Lady Bird Johnson Middle School. But, it was well worth the time, effort, . . . and sweat to experience a Net Zero facility of this size and scale.  Click on the short video below to begin a brief tour of the facility:


It was amazing to see the 12 wind generators working while we were there.  Although they only generate about 1% of the total energy needs, they are still visually impressive and make a strong statement regarding the accessibility of on-site renewable energy resources. 


The entire roof is covered with solar panels that generate over 582 kW of renewable energy to the school.  What isn’t used is given back to the power grid. 


Please click on Case Studies to read more about the Lady Bird Johnson Middle School Net Zero building.  This is not fantasy or SCI-FI. This is real. This is now. This is Net Zero!

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