Sustainable Design for the 21st Century

Building Net Zero Is Worth Investigation!

By Brent Sauser 

You know you are on to something significant when others invest in checking out its feasibility.  Ideas and concepts are just that until sufficient due diligence is performed that will back up the spin with grounded facts.  Once the facts are completed, quantified, and accepted, those ideas and concepts become part of the mainstream.  The remaining and most challenging variable is convincing the general public that it is, in fact, mainstream and not still an extreme or fringe-type notion. 

Net Zero is here in a big way!  As the typewriter gave way to the word processor, the pocket calculator to the smart phone, the oven to the microwave, and the incandescent bulb to LED, the transition to Net Zero construction is just as inevitable.  The only question is WHEN!  As more become aware of the long-term benefits relative to the modest increase in construction costs, the WHEN may be much sooner than we think! 

Net Zero design and construction is undergoing significant analysis and investigation at several levels.  All conclusions reveal the positive, long-term benefits with only a slight increase in construction costs.  

Please watch the attached video (see below) that demonstrates how Net Zero design and construction is being studied in order to find the best solutions for future construction.  Net Zero is more mainstream than you might think!


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