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Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC Systems at GreenBuild 2013


By Brent Sauser 

Ductless HVAC 05I was pleased to come across the Mitsubishi Electric exhibit at GreenBuild 2013 in Philadelphia.  Prominently displayed was the popular Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC system.  NetZeroMax was fortunate to have Chuck Applebee consent to making a video regarding Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC systems.  As an architect, I have had the opportunity to specify ductless systems and consider myself a convert to the technology.  Ductless HVAC systems have been around for decades, in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere outside the United States.  Meanwhile, AmericansDuctless 02 are way behind the benefit curve when it comes to energy efficient and cost effective ductless HVAC systems.  Conventional ducted systems can achieve up to an 18 SEER (energy efficiency) rating, while ductless HVAC systems achieve a SEER 26, with SEER 30 in the near future.   Who wouldn’t want to save 30% a month on their energy bills?  

Ductless HAVC systems are a practical, flexible, energy efficient, and costDuctless HVAC 06 effective way to bring mold-free and mildew-free cooling and heating into your home or office building . . . . by zone.  You don’t have to heat and cool areas of the building that are unoccupied.  You can direct the cooling and heating to where you want it, when you want it.  Flexibility, energy efficiency, cost savings!  Not a bad combination. 

You do not have to settle for old technology simply because your contractor isDuctless HVAC 01 unfamiliar with ductless systems.  Insist on ductless HVAC systems, even if it means finding another contractor to install it.  Ultimately, you will enjoy an energy savings of up to 30% by going ductless . . . and that adds up in your favor.  Isn’t that so much better than the alternative?  

Part of becoming sustainable is choosing technology that will reduce the amount of energy required for operation and yet provide the Ductless 06same or (in the case of ductless systems) substantially improved performance over the course of its useful life.  Ducted systems WON’T get us there! Ductless systems better contribute to an overall Net Zero building solution 

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Ductless 04by Brent Sauser

When you step into your home at night do you switch on all your lights?  Of course not.  Yet, that is precisely what we do with the most expensive system in the house . . . our HVAC system.  When the HVAC comes on, it comes on everywhere in the Ductless 02house, including all the unoccupied rooms.  Does that make sense to you?  Regardless, that is the traditional way homes in the USA are equipped . . . Central heating and cooling with plenty of leaky ductwork!  Considering the cost of energy these days, you would think there must be a less expensive and more efficient and effective way to heat and cool our homes.

Ductless 06The good news is there is a more efficient and effective way to provide HVAC for less cost and with no sacrifice to comfort.  This is tried and true technology from years of use in Europe and Asia.  The technical term for this technology is Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems.  It is more commonly known as Ductless HVAC Systems, or ductless, mini-spilt systems.

Ductless 03While conventional HVAC systems heat and cool the entire interior space (regardless of whether it is in use or not) via ductwork that could be leaking energy by as much as 20% from the ductwork, ductless systems condition a space without the use of ducts, saving space and allowing the unit to be retrofitted into spaces without Ductless 07ducts.  Ductless mini-split systems can be designed to cool several rooms, much like what we have come to expect from a conventional central air system.  Ductless systems offer individual temperature control and allows for the option to condition occupied spaces through zoning controls.  Energy is not wasted in areas that are unoccupied and no loss of efficiency occurs because there is no ductwork.   Efficiency levels well above SEER 25 can be expected with a ductless installation.  That translates to money back in your pocket!

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