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Urban Green Energy (UGE) Feature Wind Generators at GreenBuild 2013

By Brent Sauser


UGE eddy 01As much as I am a fan of photovoltaic systems and their increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness, I am also a supporter of wind generators.  Urban Green Energy (UGE) is one of the leaders in wind generator technology.  UGE was at the 2012 GreenBuild convention in San Francisco, and I was pleased to see them at GreenBuild 2013 in Philadelphia.  I spoke with Tyler regarding UGE’s UGE eddy 03achievements over the past year and he related several success stories that point to growth and expansion in the wind generator industry.  Tyler graciously consented to make a video with NetZeroMax to explain and demonstrate the advantages and benefits of using windUGE eddy 02 generators.  One big advantage is that wind generators do not work ONLY in sunlight, but 24/7 . . . if an 8mph minimum wind is present.  

Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding the benefits of wind generators at UGE. 


Urban Green Energy (UGE) Announces Launch of “VisionAIR” Wind Turbine

UGE Vision Air Wind Turbine 01by Brent Sauser

UGE recently announced the launch of what they claim is the “most advanced wind turbine yet”. . .  VisionAIR:

  “VisionAIR is the first turbine of its type to use a proprietary airfoil designed to maximize energy output at moderate wind speeds!” 

UGE Vision Air Wind TurbineThe VisionAIR wind turbine system is compatible with the UGE “Seamless Grid” hybrid electronic system that UGE introduce a few months ago.  For more information regarding the VisionAir wind turbine CLICK on the following:   VisionAIR Brochure




by Brent Sauser

UGE Hybrid Inverter 01Urban Green Energy (UGE) announces the launch of their new SeamlessGrid hybrid inverter that integrates inputs from wind and solar in one device that allows for easy monitoring.  SeamlessGrid is an integrated power control system, the first of its kind that combines wind and solar inputs.  UGE states;

For the site that requires higher energy security, lower costs, and greater sustainability, SeamlessGrid weaves together wind, solar, and the grid to provide a truly seamless installation.”

This is just one more example of the significant advancements in Net Zero technology.  Never before has Net Zero construction been more practical and affordable. 

For additional information regarding the UGE SeamlessGrid hybrid inverter please click on the following:

 UGE Seamless brochure

UGE Seamless launch announcement

URBAN GREEN ENERGY (UGE) Announces the “eddy GT”

by D. Brent Sauser

Harnessing the wind has been something we have been doing for centuries.  Just ask the Dutch.  Few things scream sustainable or renewable energy like wind generators.  In fact, they are very hard to miss!  Wind generators come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and depend solely on the consistent supply of free, God-given wind.   UGE features vertical axis wind turbines.  UGE states:

“Wind turbines are designed to produce energy across a wide range of wind speeds and wind conditions. Vertical axis wind turbines go one step further, harnessing winds from all directions simultaneously. UGE wind turbines are also very quiet, and it certainly helps that our turbines are pleasing to the eye. UGE has grown to be the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines through its dedication to design, energy output, and superlative customer service via our worldwide network of local partners.”

UGE announces the new eddy GT for residential use. I got to speak to the UGE representatives at GreenBuild 2012 and see the eddy GT in person

UGE has developed and has a patent-pending revolutionary new dual axis design that eliminates the main concern of other vertical axis wind turbines, that of premature bearing failure. Through this technology, our turbines significantly outperform the competition by spreading both horizontal and vertical forces along the length of the axis. For you this means increased durability and power production along with lower vibration and resistance.”

 Click HERE to read more about the eddy GT from UGE.

Click HERE to read about the many UGE Case Studies.

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