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G7 Power Announces Benefits and Advancements in LED Lighting

by Brent Sauser

One area where Net Zero technology is advancing rapidly is with LED lighting.  What were considered obstacles a short time ago are no longer an issue.  G7 Power has recently identified the benefits, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of using LED light.  On December 20, 2012, G7 Power posted the following benefits and advances to LED lighting:

“There are many good reasons for using LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are energy efficient, robust and have a long lifetime. The use of LED bulbs for lighting has been limited up until now, mostly because LED bulbs color rendering had not yet been up to snuff. However, there have been significant improvements in LED technology in recent years and in many areas, the LED bulb now surpasses other bulbs.

Instant Light
LED bulbs switch on instantly and provide their full strength immediately, something other bulbs cannot brag about. The small components in LEDs are also great for dimming lights. With LED bulbs the light doesn’t change color when dimmed, which is what happens with incandescent and halogen lights.

Color Properties
The color properties of a light source are relevant to white light, and are described as color temperature, expressed in Kelvins. Today, a comprehensive selection of LEDs is available to the public. The light from LED sources is either warm (typically 2,700-3,000 K), neutral (3,500-4,500 K) or cold (4,500-10,000 K).

Unidirectional Light
LEDs project all their light forwards, whereas the most common light sources emit light in all directions. This is why LED bulbs are best suited to lamps that project light in one direction, such as spot lights and lamps that solely light downwards”.

Why LED?

G7 LED advantages over compact fluorescents:  [youtube][/youtube]

  • Instant on at full brightness, even at lower temperatures
  • Do not contain Mercury
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Higher color rendition
  • Do not emit UV light that may fade fabrics
  • Much less susceptible to breaking
  • Do not have a greatly reduced lifespan when turned off and on frequently
  • More pleasing bulb appearance in fixtures”

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