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By Brent Sauser 

Big Ass Fan Photo 00Our flight to GreenBuild 2013 started in Orlando with a short lay-over in Cleveland, Ohio.  We transferred to a very small commuter jet with little head room and one seat on the left and two on the right.  Once crammed in (on the right side) we taxied out to a remote spot on the runway where we waited about forty minutes for the Big Ass Fan Photo 01Philadelphia airport to approve departure, due to delays at their end.  While patiently waiting, I overheard a person in the window seat behind me say something about the GreenBuild convention.  That got my attention and proceeded to speak with her.  Turns out, she is a project consultant for Big Ass Fans and was attending GreenBuild 2013 as an Exhibiter.  I mentioned to her that I was familiar with her product and very impressed with the Big Ass Fan Photo 03technology of marketing wide diameter fans.  I also shared with her how Big Ass Fans got me in trouble with Human Resources simply by invoking the name to the wrong person.  We told her that we looked forward to seeing her and the Big Ass Fan exhibit at the convention.  

Sure enough, in a prime location near the middle of the exhibit hall, we came upon the Big Ass Fan exhibit . . . . DSCN2739and Alicia was there talking to a conference attendee.  We walked over and reintroduced ourselves, but Alicia remembered us from the flight.  She consented to making a video explaining Big Ass Fans for  I’m sure you will agree that Alicia knows her product well and is quite eloquent in explaining all of Big Ass Fans many features. Big Ass Fan Photo 02

We hope you will take the time to click on the link below to learn more about Big Ass Fans and how they can reduce your cooling and heating demand, as well as contribute to an aesthetically pleasing Net Zero solution.  Thank you Alicia for being such a good sport.  You were fantastic!

For further information regarding Big Ass Fans CLICK HERE.   


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