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NC Town Rejects Solar Farm, Fearing It Would Suck Up All the Energy From the Sun

by Brent Sauser

Solar FArm 01

I mean  . . . . REALLY?  REALLY!  Last time I checked it was the year of our Lord 2015!  Does the hamlet of Woodland, North Carolina also burn witches, perform blood lettings, and rely on the horseless carriage for their transportation.  Forgive me if I sound too harsh here . . . but I frankly can’t believe that people like this still exist.  I mean, we can’t have solar panels sucking up the sunshine, even though they appear to be dipping heavily into the moonshine.   The following article comes from ABC Eyewitness 11 News (December 14, 2015):

Leaders in the small North Carolina town of Woodland rejected a new solar farm after residents expressed concerns that it would “suck up all the energy from the sun.”

The Roanoke-Chowan News Herald reports the Woodland Town Council denied approval of the solar farm and put a moratorium on others after citizens expressed distrust and fear of the solar panels.

One resident, a retired Northampton County science teacher, reportedly said she was concerned that photosynthesis would not happen after she said she observed areas near solar panels where plants were brown and dead because they did not get enough sunlight.

Another resident reportedly questioned the high number of cancer deaths in the area, saying no one could tell her that solar panels didn’t cause cancer.

According to the newspaper, solar farm companies seeked placement around Woodland because it has an electrical substation and the solar power generated by the panels can be hooked up to the electrical grid.

Three other solar farms had previously been accepted by the town council.

We had a 7.5kW roof top solar array installed last September and we have been sucking up the sun ever since.  Last month I paid $11.08 for my electric bill.  I guess I can thank the kin folk in Northhampton County for their willingness to offset the cost for power that the utilities aren’t getting from me.  What did you pay for power last month?

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