Sustainable Design for the 21st Century Gains 1,000 Subscribers in 7 Weeks!

By Brent Sauser 

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fireworks 04It was less than 50 days ago we were celebrating reaching the milestone of 1,000 subscribers.  It took 18 months to reach that milestone.  We are very pleased to announce that has reached the 2,000 subscriber milestone in only 7 weeks.  It took less than 50 days to achieve the 2nd thousand subscribers.  That is nothing short of remarkable growth and focus on the website.  More people are finding via Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  It shows that the website is becoming more and more popular at a faster pace.    

fireworks 03We deeply appreciate all those who have taken the time to subscribe to the website.  Going Net Zero is not as great a challenge or sacrifice as once thought.  More Net Zero projects are starting every week all over the world.  Many more are embracing the common sense decision to build Net Zero because the technology is here now for incorporating low cost sustainable features into the design.  The good news is all this can be done without sacrificing expected creature comforts.  

fireworks 02We are committed to spreading the Net Zero message and invite you to keep referring back to for additional articles shining light on the subject.  We are coming to a transition where educated owners are insisting that architects and developers incorporate Net Zero features into the project design.  If your architect cannot design to Net Zero . . . I know one who can! 

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