Sustainable Design for the 21st Century Passes 2 Million Site “HITS”! WOW!

by Brent Sauser

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July of 2012 seems a long time ago.  Back then launched somewhere behind the distant moon of Triton, with very little interest or website attention.  But, sure as the rising sun, each new article brought a few more interested people and subscribers.  It took close to 18 months to achieve our first 1,000 subscribers.  Today we are grateful to the over 14,500 subscribers who keep coming back to read from the over 200 “green” articles on the website. now appears throughout the internet by links and cross-links, and can be found listed under numerous sustainable design and energy saving topics.

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Eclipsing 2,000,000 site “HITS” is no small accomplishment and we are very thankful for those who found and keep coming back for more interesting Net Zero information.  Our website is no longer hiding behind some distant moon, but in clear site for so many to see and enjoy.  Perhaps, most importantly, those who visit will continue to learn about how easy it is to take Save Energy 1affordable steps toward becoming Net Zero themselves.  I’m pleased to report that we have managed to lower our power bill by $50 per month, and are taking steps to improve upon that by adding a TruTankless electric water heater this summer, and a 7kW roof top solar array in April of 2016.  Saving energy saves money! 

There is so much more to do before the 30% Federal Tax Rebates end at the conclusion of 2016!  We must make plans NOW to assure that when the door closes we are NOT on the outside looking in . . . and paying higher energy prices to offset those who took advantage of the rebate.  Time is running out. 

Let’s get going!

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