Sustainable Design for the 21st Century Reaches 100,000 Visits to Website Milestone!

Slide1by Brent Sauser

Today or tomorrow marks a significant milestone for  We will be passing the 100,000 site visit milestone since starting this website in July of 2012.  We were hoping to surpass this milestone prior to the end of the year, but a recent surge in site visit activity and subscriptions to have accelerated the pace for reaching the goal, for which we are very grateful.  The site counter located on the right hand column indicates the real-time  “hits” to the website.  In the past 30 days we have averaged close to 350 visits per day, which places us in the “window” for reaching the 100,000 site visit mark today or early tomorrow.

For those of you who have been “on board” with for a while, we hope the passion and urgency for taking the “leap” to Net Zero has come through in our articles, editorials, case studies, and other sustainable and energy efficient promotions.  We deeply appreciate your interest and continued patronage to this website.  Our per day viewership is increasing as well as the number of subscribers to the site.  We are very pleased to welcome our Net Zero friends in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, several of whom are now subscribers.

It is very possible that is becoming a part of the educational curriculum for students interested in learning more about Net Zero design and construction.  Green building and sustainable design encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects. focuses on the singular goal of becoming energy independent by providing renewable, sustainable energy on site.   Establishing Net Zero energy independence as the priority enables the implementation of many other sustainable design features to help achieve freedom from the power grid. made the decision early on to NOT clutter the website with Google ads.  Our fundamental objective has been to promote Net Zero design through renewable means, and provide information that would (hopefully) stimulate the reader to design and build Net Zero . . . as well as help accelerate the conversion to Net Zero, without the distraction of advertising. is NOT a revenue generator and is not meant to be.  We are happy to provide this service at our own time and expense.

Name and Logo 041813 1Featured at the top of the right hand column is an architectural firm, dbs Architect PLLC.  This is the ONLY intentional ad placed on this website.  Brent Sauser is the ownerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and author of and President of dbs Architects PLLC.  For those of you who are serious about making your next project Net Zero, we encourage you to contact Brent Sauser at dbs Architects PLLC.  He will bring his experience and Net Zero passion to any project or opportunity you may have.  Brent Sauser can make your project a sustainable, renewable reality.  Go to to begin your Net Zero solution!

We encourage you to subscribe to as we strive to increase our daily “hit” count and reach our next milestone of 200,000 site visits in record time.  Pass the word!

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