Sustainable Design for the 21st Century

New HVAC Occupancy Sensors Could Reduce Energy Demand by 18%!

By Brent Sauser

Researchers at the DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conclude that significant energy savings can be achieved by varying ventilation levels based on the number of people in a given space.”

sensorAren’t we doing that already?  Well . . . . no.  Most sensor-based ventilation systems run full blast even if only one person is in the room.  That’s why you might feel cold in a conference room while waiting for the others to arrive.  Current occupancy sensors turn off the lights automatically when the room is unoccupied.  New sensor systems will turn off the lights as well as determine the number of occupants in a room and adjust the ventilation fan speed accordingly without sacrificing comfort. When used for ventilation and lighting these sensors can save as much as 28% energy, compared to current sensors.

For further information regarding this new sensor research please CLICK HERE.

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