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New South Window Solutions – at the Orlando Home & Garden Show

by D. Brent Sauser

I attended a Home & Garden Show at the Orlando Convention Center this weekend.  I was interested to see how many Net Zero products would be featured in this smaller scale home show.  The larger home show will occur in March of this year and NetZeroMax will be there to see what additional Net Zero products are featured.

I was pleased to see many exhibitors featuring Net Zero products, such as solar heaters for pools, solar powered attic vents, daylighting products, various insulation products, and window manufacturers.  In particular, I singled out one exhibitor that, in my opinion, demonstrated a cost effective, energy efficient, and practical solution to mitigating solar heat gain with windows.  The product is “New South Window Solutions“.  I was impressed with the product and am confident that it will result in providing greater comfort, as well as lower energy costs over the life of the product.  But . . . don’t take my word for it.  Please click on the video below to learn more about the value of this product.  Also, CLICK HERE to access the New South Window Solutions website.  Refer to the RESOURCES page where New South Window Solutions has been added to the list of manufacturers. 


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