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Obama’s Recent Renewable Energy Push . . . Too Ambitious?

by Brent Sauser

The Obama administration recently announced its intention to accelerate their efforts to reduce CO2 and Greenhouse gas emissions by severely restricting coal production in the USA.  The objective is to clear the way for greater use of renewable energy on a larger scale.  This will result in higher electric energy bills in areas where coal is a substantial supplier for energy production.  The Obama administration has stated that the more rapid transition to renewable energy will NOT be without sacrifice in the form of higher power bills to finance the transition.  OUCH!

In a personal effort to reduce the “pain” of this transition the Sauser household is installing a 7.5 kW roof top solar array.  Our calculations have determined  (at least on paper) that we should be able to generate as much (or more) energy on site than we consume over the course of a year.  We will be Net Zero.  Being Net Zero will insulate us from whatever cost impacts this recent Obama declaration will create.  In other words, we will be on the positive side of this transition  . . . saving energy and saving money in the process.  I invite you to do the same for your home.   Remember, there is a 30% tax rebate until the end of 2016.  Time is running out.

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