Sustainable Design for the 21st Century

Optimizing Net Zero Design!

By Brent Sauser

Achieving Net Zero for any project takes careful attention and planning.  So many passive and active design considerations need to be made that best fit the specific building requirements, site location, and available budget.  Going Net Zero is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  How can a designer be certain that the Net Zero decisions made are the most effective and efficient to achieve Net Zero without unnecessary additional cost?   If only there was a software available that could capture the necessary design parameters and provide an optimized Net Zero solution.  

Introducing ekotropeEkotrope is a Net Zero optimization software that lowers construction costs while increasing energy efficiency, enabling Architects to design Net Zero buildings at lower construction and operational costs.  This is done by analyzing the entire building during the design phase and comparing different Net Zero component configurations.  Components can be added or deleted during the process to assure the most cost effective, energy efficient solution.  Architects and builders can easily measure and visualize energy trade-offs with each iteration.    

Results show that ekotrope software has saved between 2% to 10 %, while making the same building up to 40% more energy efficient.  

For additional information regarding ekotrope software CLICK HERE.

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