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Philips SlimStyle LED Lightbulb for Under $4.00

By Brent Sauser          Philips SlimStyle 03

Green technology continues to advance to the benefit of the consumer. LED technology is one of the most exciting areas of rapid innovation. Philips has perfected a 10.5-watt, slim style LED light bulb that produces 800 lumens of light for the average cost per year of $1.26, with a 25,000 hour useful life. All of this for less than $4.00 (after instant utility rebates). Not only does this reduce electricity costs for lighting, but also reduces the heat load which contributes to A/C cooling costs. The following is an article from “C/”, by Ry Crist (dated April 24, 2014): Philips SlimStyle 01

Philips announced Energy Star certification for its SlimStyle LED this morning, a distinction that qualifies the flat-shaped bulb for instant utility rebates in several regions of the United States. Coupled with the fact that Philips recently cut the SlimStyle’s price to $8.97 at Home Depots nationwide, the news means that many consumers will be able to purchase the LED for less than $4.

Debuting in stores earlier this year, the SlimStyle is a 10.5-watt LED that puts out 800 lumens worth of light for an average yearly energy cost of $1.26. The SlimStyle’s flat shape is designed to distribute the diodes along the perimeter of the bulb rather than bunching them in the center, which helps it to distribute heat more evenly.

The SlimStyle shines at a warm white, 2,700K color temperature, and is rated to last 25,000 hours, or well over twenty years at an average usage rate of three hours per day.

States that offer instant rebates include Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, and Utah, among others. Rebates vary from region to region. In at least one region, Philips claims that the SlimStyle will now be available for just $1.97.

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