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By Brent Sauser

Tesla Battery 02

 Tesla has recently announced its first generation home battery storage system. As the attached video states, this first generation battery may not answer all the questions relative to home energy storage, but it does represent a worst case . . . meaning it can only get better from here. Like the birth of the cell phone; big, bulky and expensive, over time it has evolved to the multi-functional, inexpensive, and sleek smart phone. Elon Musk is starting the “ball rolling” by inviting others to improve on the POWERWALL battery design. The result will be affordable, sustainable battery storage capable of taking you off the grid. It may take a few more years to get there, but at least the players are starting to show their “cards”, which can only end up benefiting the consumer.

Tesla Battery 03

 CLICK HERE to learn more about the Tesla PowerWall Battery.

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