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Salt Lake City New Public Safety Building – 100% Net Zero!

Public Safety Bldg - Utah 00

by Brent Sauser

The recently completed Salt Lake City Public Safety Building boasts the first  Net Zero building of its size in the USA to achieve a Net Zero rating.  The building covers over 174,000 SF, comprising two underground floors for parking and four above ground levels housing the Salt Lake City police, fire departments, and emergency operations dispatch center.

Public Safety Bldg - UtahThe Net Zero Public Safety Building was financed through a $125 million bond passed in 2009 to replace the existing outdated facilities.   Not only does the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building achieve Net Zero, but can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, permitting occupants to continue working during and after the event.

Public Safety Bldg - Utah 02

Net Zero features include:

  • LED lighting
  • Solar water heating system
  • Radiant floor heating and cooling system
  • Solar canopy featuring photovoltaic integrated glass panels
  • Offsite solar energy farm
  • Roof top vegetation
  • Strategically placed windows

Public Safety Bldg - Utah 04

A building of comparable size constructed without any Net Zero systems would generate over 2,670 metric tons of greenhouse gases, while the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building generates only 524 metric tons of greenhouse gasses a year.  An Energy Star rating of 100 was awarded because of its energy efficiency and reduction in emissions.  For further information regarding the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building please click on the following:

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