Sustainable Design for the 21st Century

Solar Energy Basics 101

by Brent Sauser


As many are turning to solar energy as a renewable source for power . . . . ME INCLUDED, still others are standing on the sidelines scratching their heads and wondering what all this solar business is about anyway!  Although the fundamentals of solar energy are easy enough to grasp . . . (i.e. the sun comes up and heats the earth, then goes down . . . repeat process daily), the actual chemistry of converting solar energy to usable AC power is a bit more complex.  The attached video does a good job in explaining this sustainable process. 

NOTE:  It’s been 44 days since our installation of a roof-top 7.54kW PV system.  Since then we have generated an average of 24.6kWh of PV power per/day.  That works out to 738kWh for a 30 day period.  Last month our power consumption totaled 556kWh, so at least on the average the Sauser household appears to be on track to become Net Zero.  And because we installed our PV system before the end of 2016 we are eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Rebate.  Isn’t it time you check out PV solar for yourself!

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