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The Self Learning NEST Thermostat Comes to the Sauser Home!

by Brent Sauser

They say some birthdays are better than others.  If that’s so, than today is my most awesome birthday ever!  My one and only gift was the NEST self learning thermostat.  I can’t really say I was surprised because I put a “bug” in my children’s ears just in case they hadn’t thought of anything yet. Considering the $249 price tag I told them it could also count for Father’s Day too.  To say the least I am overjoyed to be able to install this 21st Century, energy saving device in my home.

Nest 02Nest 01

I have been keeping an eye on the NEST for a few years and was hoping that my heat pump AC system would, some day, be compatible with the NEST.  The first generation NEST left me on the outside looking in, but the second generation NEST was upgraded to include my type of heat pump AC system.  It was very easy for me to verify that by checking the existing colored wires against the online chart.  After checking all the wires the NEST website will tell you if your system is compatible and provide a diagram showing exactly where the wires connect to the NEST back plate. 

NEST Back PlateNEST Functional

It only took 21 minutes to hook-up and another 10 minutes to program (set-up) the NEST to my specific location.  It was that easy.  And . . . having the added bonus of being able to control the NEST from my smart phone anywhere I might be is a definite PLUS.  I invite you to check out the NEST for your home.  Yes, it’s expensive, but it will provide energy savings as it learns your habits.  Cooling expenses in Florida represent the biggest bite to our energy consumption.  Anything we can do to reduce that consumption means more money in our pocket.  The NEST will pay for itself in short order. 

Without doubt, this has been a great birthday!

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