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Transparent Solar Glass – Just Think of the Possibilities!

by Brent Sauser ( Sep. 2, 2016

Transparent solar 01

Wait a minute!  Transparent solar glass!  Really!  I always thought you got solar energy from those bulky, roof mounted, rectangular panels.  And, they aren’t that pretty to look at either.  

Photovoltaic solar technology continues to make amazing advances in various ways to harvest solar energy.  Considerable research has been focused in the development of transparent solar glass.  This is made possible by allowing visible light through the glass, while harvesting the unseen UV and infra red light to create solar energy.   At the present time testing has produced 10% efficient transparent solar glass, which is less than the traditional solar panel.  However, when you consider the vast expanse of vertical surfaces from millions of buildings in the US, the potential for solar energy harvesting from transparent solar glass is endless.  Typically, there is more vertical surface area in a building than roof surface.   Transparent solar glass greatly increases the solar energy harvesting potential for each building.  Just think of the possibilities!

But, hey . . . don’t take my word for it.  Check out these videos . . . .

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