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What’s Your Home Energy Score?

by Brent Sauser

Energy Star Home Energy Rating 02

The DOE Energy Star folks have put together a user-friendly and fast way to find out how energy efficient your home is.   CLICK HERE to access the website and take the survey to find out your home energy score. My home energy score is: DBS Home Energy Yardstick 081814

Not bad! I thought it was about time I checked out my own home energy score after installing an energy star roof, LED lighting, and Solatube daylighting. I have recently added a solar powered attic exhaust fan and raised the thermostat one degree. I will retake the survey in a few months to see if my score improves. Energy Star Home Energy Rating 01Energy Star Home Energy Rating 01

Duke Energy Bill (DBS) 081814

I verified this score by going to the website of my power utility (Duke Energy). It shows that I pay $4.49 per day (on average) for electrical power. Most utilities have a similar survey checklist along with useful suggestions to increase your energy efficiency. Did you know that changing your heating or cooling temperature by just 1 degree will lower your energy bill by 5%? Give it a try! With this information I can make additional energy efficient upgrades to reduce my energy consumption footprint. Since beginning this energy savings process our power bill has been reduced by about $50.00 per month (on average).

 Energy Star Home Energy Rating 03

I invite you to take a few minutes of your time to take the survey and select low cost ways to reduce your energy consumption footprint and put money back in your pocket.

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