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Yet Another Great Example of Shipping Container Architecture!

By Brent Sauser

Shipping Container Photo 03

Recycling shipping containers is happening all over the world.  This creative example comes from Australia by the firm Royal Wolf.   The following news article is courtesy of “Building Design + Construction”, dated January 17, 2014:

“Australian firm Royal Wolf has put its money where its mouth is by creating an office facility out of shipping containers at its depot and fabrication center in Sunshine, Victoria. The company specializes in sourcing, selling, and modifying new and refurbished shipping containers.  The facility, dubbed Room11, includes offices, common space, a meeting room, and a reception area deployed around four interior, landscaped courtyards. Container ends have been replaced with full-height windows, some of the ends have been reused as interior partitions. The exposed ceiling has been insulated on top with rigid insulation and a membrane roof. A pair of vertically placed containers marks the entryway.”

Wolf 02Wolf 01Wolf 03Wolf 05Wolf 04Wolf 06

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